Easter Holidays 2014 - Closing Friday 18th April @ 1.00pm -Re-opening Wednesday 23rd April @ 9.30am.

- Installing a Boiler stove to you home can cancel out the Oil Bill!

The Stratford Ecoboiler HE Range (high efficiency) are Designed and Built in the UK

Time to install a stove to your home, Stratford Boiler stoves can heat up to 25 Rads/KW, with the smaller model starting at 9 Rads/KW, the 12 & 20 KW models being the most popular, there are also a 16 Rad/KW model so you are sure to get the correct size for your home. The Stratford EB HE range also have 3 inset models.

Special Offer on Kensal Boiler Stoves – In Stock Kensal 60HB £1350 inc. Vat.

Now Offering the Villager Boiler 12 & 20 Stove from £1400 inc. Vat.

We also offer the Yeoman and Kensal & Blacksmith range of Boiler stoves, call in to our showroom to view our range! 22/03/2014

Special Offers

- Stratford Boiler Stoves -In stock- 07/04/2014

Stratford EB 12 HE £1379inc vat.

Stratford EB 16 HE £1579 -Stratford EB 20 HE £1789

Full Installation Services on all stoves if


Aduro Wood-Burning

Stoves from  £900- & Asgard 1 £550


Best Prices Ever on Aduro Stoves-

Aduro 10 £900-Aduro 7 £1400.00

Aduro 9 £1500-

Offer- Terms & Conditions Apply.

   Model Shown £1299 Aduro 1 *Installation costs will vary!